Sense-roid jacket can give pity hugs

Those feeling forever-alone and in need of a hug can find some solace in the pity hugs dispensed by Sense-Roid jacket. Developed at the University of Electro-Communications on Japan, the jacket has pressure sensors and pneumatic muscles to duplicate a hug on the wearer. We guess this would be a first stop for someone going …

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JakPak is your jacket, tent and sleeping bag

Why would you ever carry a jacket, tent and sleeping bag separately when you could get hold of all that in one simple package. The waterproof but breathable fabric has numerous chambers that you can unfold and use as you find fit, taking it from a jacket to a full blown tent. It must be …

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The emperor’s got a new jacket

According to the old tale, the emperor was fooled to go naked, thinking he was wearing the best clothes. This jacket on the other hand, will make it appear that you’re naked. I’m still grappling to get the logic for this thing. Via: DesignFetish