Iron Man 3D Wall Lamp

We’d say Iron Man looks pretty good stuffed into a wall, though his attempts at escape seem to have cracked the wall a little bit. He does work pretty good as a deco light. Costs $40.

Iron Man Hoodie

Combining the Iron Man Mark VII and Mark VIII suits with a black paintjob. The abdomen and elbows come from Mark VIII, while the chest and shoulders take inspiration from Mark VII. Available in various sizes, the hoodie is made out of cotton and priced at $450.

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Iron Man is a Minion

Built in the style of adorable minions from Despicable Me, the papercraft Iron Minion is the real deal. Turns out, even Tony Stark was a minion wearing a suit. Given the prowess of minions in developing technologies and things, we are convinced as this being the whole truth.

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The Iron Man Lightsaber

For all his gadgets, it’s a pity Tony Stark doesn’t get to wield a lightsaber. An oversight, we’re sure that can be easily corrected by simple means. Powered by an arc reactor, this custom lightsaber would complement Iron Man perfectly, allowing Tony to call this one his own.

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