WowWee Cinemin Swivel Portable Projector for iPhone/iPod

There’s going to be a while before pico projectors find a good, non-battery hungry way to reach integration in cell phones. Till that time gadgets like the portable WowWee Cinemin swivel projector might come in handy for those who’d like to add a projector their phones. Cinemin has a 2 hour battery life and projects images of resolution of 480×320 (HVGA). Costs $180.

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Bluelounge MiniDock Does Away With Wires, Loves Your iOS Device

Bluelounge’s MiniDock for iOS devices works with the Apple USB power adapter, turning up a cordless, outlet-mounted charging and display station. It is obviously a way better choice than having to deal with a lump of wires, plus it keeps it all clutter free. This could be quite a sweet dock if you’ve got the …

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Gramophone iPod Station

Gramaphone iPod station faithfully copies the look of the old timey gramophones, providing a slight antique touch. We’d expect the gramophone itself to be the voice output, but apparently there’s a speaker in the base to handle that stuff. Via: RedFerret

iPod finds a dock in toilet roll dispenser

There are almost a gazillion iPod docks out there, in numerous shapes and sizes. But never have we seen a toilet roll dispenser become an iPod dock, and we see no reason for a dock like that either. Well, unless you want a bit of music to accompany the poo poo. It has four high …

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