Large Wall of Sound overshadows the tiny iPod

Weighing 225 lbs, the Wall of Sound has to be the most gigantic iPod accessory ever created. This handcrafted iPod speaker measures 3 feet x 4 feet, has 28 speaker elements and a minimalist design. The frequency response goes over the full 40Hz to 20,000 kHz range. Costs $4,495. Uncrate

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Green Power Gives Sliding Speakers To The iPod

Green Powers sliding speakers for the iPod have one big advantage: they make carrying speakers with the player a lot easier, though they make the package a bit bulkier, it may be worth it. The GP 400n 1.5 Watt speaker can also function as a portable dock, and is cool enough to be able to …

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Lego For iPods

Lego in form of a speaker for your iPod sure is awesome and what adds to the awesomeness is even better is the silver and gold metallic version. Priced at $25, these speakers are connected to the iPod through a USB and are good enough to keep you in the grooveLikeCool

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Bird Electron’s Weirdly Shaped Hyoutan Speakers For iPod

In the world of weird, Bird Electron chose speakers based on the shape of some obscure vegetable. Hyoutan, is some sort of a cucumber with a number of uses, ranging from being an edible, to use as sponges and even underwears! Hang a pair from the roof of your room.Akihabara News