‘Crazy Case’ turns your iPhone into a DeLorean

This offering from Crazy Case is exactly what you could have asked to get your nerd cells ticking. Haters might call it impractical, but you know it is awesome, especially when you get to see it in action. The DMC-12 has amazing detail with lights and wires that glow when you get a call or notifications.

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Hardcore Armor for Your iPhone

Being a phone is not an easy job, especially when in the hands of someone prone to dropping the phone every now and then. If that describes the risk your phone runs, or even if you are generally careful about the safety of your phone, [BRIC+]extreme might just be the case you need.

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Katana iPhone Holder

It is well documented that function and ease of use can very well take a backseat on account of badassery. Now the Katana Hilt iPhone Holder might not be the easiest to use products around; but dammit you get to carry the phone around like a katana. That is so totally badass. The idea is currently only a concept from Japanese designer Kengo Maeda for GOES Inc. Well if the Banana iPhone case can exist, we see no problem with the Katana making its appearance.

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Concept Makes the iPhone 6 Holographic

Projections are so the next thing! For the past few years, they have become a symbol of the future, and sure, things do seem headed the right way. A brand new concept from Italian designers Set Solution imagine the upcoming iPhone 6 with the capability of holographic projection. According to the concept, this would allow the phone to show extended displays along its length, effectively giving it two additional screens. It could also be used for gaming, and well, for several other applications novel developers could put it use to.

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Bulldog iPhone Speakers

If the iPhone’s going to bark, it is going to do it in style through a glasses wearing hipster bulldog. That is what the AeroBull does, it is a sweet speaker forged into the shape of a glass wearing bull dog that hums the tunes from your iPhone.

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Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 Case

Batman Tumbler iPhone 5 case

As wacky cases go, getting the Tumbler to protect your iPhone 5/5S is one of the smarter choices you’re going to make. It is shaped like the Tumbler that covers the phone, one of the wheels moves sideways to make way for the phone camera, plus it has the added touch of a bat signal to make things spicier. The case is available for pre-orders till January 7, and will start shipping in March.

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Sometimes, Ridiculous is Win: Banana Peel iPhone Stand

Plenty of awesome looking iPhone stands thrive in the market, but sometimes, you just have to go the ridiculous way. Banana Peel iPhone stand does exactly that for you, it’s a ridiculous little piece that you plonk to the side of the phone while you watch videos or just have it stay there. Being constructed …

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Tardis iPhone Case

Wallet style Tardis iPhone 5/5S case that makes your phone a companion to a time lord. Even the Doctor needs to bring #swag to his Facebook page. Costs $22.