Pocket Pico Projector For The iPad

Built for the iPad, this pocket pico projector allows you to have a larger screen on demand where you can watch videos at leisure and on a larger screen. Weighing less than 5 oz, the projector connects to the iPad’s 30-pin charging port and projects the required image in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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Cyclops Monster iPad Case

It’s the adorable iPad monster. He is a Cyclops, he should be scary but the fluffy monster is quite adorable. The case is padded and has microfibers on its monster-hands to help wipe and clean the screen. A part of the magic of course comes from the monster mouth wallpaper. Costs $35.

The iPad Mini Is Out

Like all Apple products, there has been quite a lot of speculation of the coming of the iPad Mini. Well, it is for real this time. The smaller iPad has a screen that measures 7.9-inch, is 7.2mm thick, the new lightning port in place of the old connector, a 10 hour battery life, A5 chip …

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Infographic Rounds Up the iPad Mini Rumors

The rumor mills have been chugging for a while, speculating the release of a smaller iPad. The speculated iPad Mini will likely have a seven-inch screen and be ready for shipping towards the end of this year. Like many Apple products, it is difficult to substantiate the claims until the device does (or doesn’t quite) show up, but the enthusiasts have been keeping a sharp eye on the events and the rumors. This infographic puts them all in visual format, following a somewhat chronological order.

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Steampunk iPad Case and Keyboard

iPad gets a taste of Victorian style in this Steampunk case made by John Dunn. To add flair of the old world technology, Dunn also added a Bluetooth Steampunk keyboard to go along the iPad. It’s an interesting set, one that seems to want to live up to its Steampunk style. Costs $424.

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Zooka Wireless Speakers for the iPad

Accessories for portable devices like the iPad are worth any good if they don’t hinder the portability of the gadget itself. Oh, and look good doing their part. We’ll say the Zooka fits the bill pretty nice. It can connect to the device by means of a 3.5mm jack or via Bluetooth. The speaker is …

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An iPad Accessory for Porn Lovers

This is the weirdest thing I have seen. Actually, not the weirdest, but this is pretty high up. As it is, most people end up using their iPad to watch movies and a helluva porn. This case for the iPad includes an integrated Fleshlight, so people can do their thing while watching porn. Via Geekologie