iPad gets an Etch A Sketch case

Now that the Etch A Sketch iPad case is out, and after seeing all those iPad cases, we wonder why no one thought of this earlier? The case from Headcase is quite a faithful representation of Etch a Sketch, and fits the iPad like custom clothing. No etching for the iPad though. Costs $39. Via: …

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Super Mario mushroom and goomba iPad cases

There’s no dearth of groovy cases for the iPad, but what the world probably needs is Hooby Groovy cases for the iPad. To that end, the Hooby Groovy shop on Etsy has Mario inspired iPad cases. You can choose from the Super Mushroom iPad case, 1-Up mushroom iPad case, and a Goomba iPad case. Each iPad case costs $40.

Via: technabob

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Pad & Quill cases are iPad holding books

Using a book-like case for the iPad is a pretty good idea, and there are very creative ways to do that, like the Pad & Quill case. This bonded leather case can also act as a stand, making it all the more useful. Pad & Quill have similar cases for the iPod and iPhone as …

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