Cyclops Monster iPad Case

It’s the adorable iPad monster. He is a Cyclops, he should be scary but the fluffy monster is quite adorable. The case is padded and has microfibers on its monster-hands to help wipe and clean the screen. A part of the magic of course comes from the monster mouth wallpaper. Costs $35.

An iPad Accessory for Porn Lovers

This is the weirdest thing I have seen. Actually, not the weirdest, but this is pretty high up. As it is, most people end up using their iPad to watch movies and a helluva porn. This case for the iPad includes an integrated Fleshlight, so people can do their thing while watching porn. Via Geekologie

Macintosh Styled iPad Case

Apple fanboys, rejoice. Now you can get the taste of two apple devices in one go, and that with the sweet pangs of nostalgia. This iPad 2 case is styled like the good old Macintosh which apparently adds like 10 times to its desirability factor.

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Double iPad Case Holds Two

We can’t imagine why someone would need to carry (or buy) two iPads around, but apparently there are people who do exactly that. And it is with this demographic in mind that ZooGue has come up with a case that can hold two iPads. They’re promoting it as a limited edition product with just one case ever being made.

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Simple And Elegant iPad 2 Wood Cases

While looking out for cases for your favorite device, finding one that fits the bill perfectly can be quite gratifying. For the case of the iPad, we’d say one that matches its simple yet powerful design ought to do the trick. Wood iPad 2 cases seem to fit the bill, for as far as aesthetics, …

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iGuy iPad Case

Made with kids in mind, the iGuy iPad Case is a sweet looking case. The case holds the iPad comfortably and remains in a “standing” position, while the kids enjoy watching videos. Costs $40.. Via HolyCool

Disney shows iPad 2 cases for kids

Disney has come up with two new iPad cases designed specifically for kids. The cases are tough, durable and with a plastic shield protector, a carrying strap, built-in stand, and a stylus that can be stowed away in the case itself. Made from rubber and foam, the cases are priced at $50 each.

Grove bamboo cases for the iPad 2

Grove has come up with these fine looking bamboo cases for the iPad 2. They are made of bamboo (obviously) and CNC milled to exact specifications. Leather cover on top of the case is vegetable tanned (ooh… eco-friendly) and is smart enough to put the iPad to sleep or wake it up. The cases are …

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Gresso adds gold logo and ancient wood case to the iPad

Gresso has added its style to the iPad by converting the Apple logo to 18k gold, and giving the device a casing of African Blackwood. That looks like a classy, though not exactly blingy combination of gold and 200 year old wood. Via: Gresso, Engadget

SolidMicro includes an iPad battery in its case

SolidMicro has announced a new case for the iPad. In addition to protecting the device, this case will also juice it up. The large capacity case also includes an external battery, this 6000 mAh battery is 2.4 times more powerful than the iPad’s battery, translating into significantly longer time before the iPad needs to hit …

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