Wisdom of the Elders: Grandma Gives Internet Tips

The elders always have some nuggets of wisdom to give or some lifehacks to suggest. Sadly, they can’t do much when it comes to modern technology or the internet. But what would be the wisdom they could give about the internet and popular websites, if they could?

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FCC Measures Actual Internet Speed in the USA

Long story short, the report basically says that most ISPs do not provide the speed they advertised for. FCC worked with Georgia Tech professor Nick Feamster to find out the “real world” speeds at which the ISPs are working. The data was compiled by a company called SamKnows, who worked with 78,000 internet users, providing 9000 of them with routers configured to provide accurate results. The results say that at an average, ISPs provide download speeds that are 80-90% of their advertised values. Of course, some perform better than the others, and many would likely be able to beat a carrier pigeon, but the fact remains that the internet speed provided to the consumer is lower than what was advertised.

Via FCC Report [PDF], SlashGear

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The Internet of Things [infographic]

Cisco has created this interesting infographic showing how “things” connected to the internet have far exceeded the number of people connecting to the world wide web, and how this number will continue to grow. It appears they went a bit hyperbolic with things, but the result is interesting and worth a look nevertheless. Full infographic after the jump.

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The easy guide to history of the internet

The image above shows landmark years in the history of the internet, when some of the most popular websites came into being. Its almost surprising to see how far the internet has come in just 2 decades. Via: MMM