Traditional African Iconography Inspires the Beautiful L’afrique Carpet

L’afrique carpet has a rich design that takes inspiration from the rich African iconography. Following the usual interpretation of Africa, the carpet presents a view of rich forests, intermingled with, and often camouflaging symbols from African iconography. Fit to brighten up an area with colors, the carpet is the work of Studio Job. The circular carpet has a width (diameter) of 350 cm (137.8 inches), and weighs upward of 60 lbs. Available at Moooi.

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Money to Burn With a Dining Table Rich in Currency

A box full of money burns to give light and warmth to the table. That is a very interesting concept, if you imagine the sheer amount of money that would take to keep the flames fed. Too much? is a dining table that shows modern design, and a flame at the center. The flame in question is fed by a box that sits beneath the flame, full of currency notes.

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Sleep Under the Stars, Comfortably in Your Own Bed

Lying down and gazing at the stars would be awesome, except the trouble of having to deal with the discomfort of an open space and lack of Hogwarts-like enchanted roof. Thankfully, there’s always a synthetic way to recreate the magic of nature. In this case, it is the Cosmos Bed.

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Star Trek Themed House

Star Trek themed house

Canada’s Line Rainville has a solid love for Star Trek, and it shows itself in the appearance of her house. A fan of the original 1960s series, and of William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Rainville transformed her home into elements from the series.

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Designer Peacock Chair

peacock chair by uufie

Nature is a rich repository of inspiration, and doing things right can get it transformed beautifully into design. Peacock chair by architecture firm Uufie takes its inspiration from the unfolded feathers of a peacock and a flower in bloom. Both these characteristics are molded together in acrylic composite to form this rather striking chair.

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Required Immediately for Evil Genius Lair: Skull Armchair

Skull Armchair by Harold Harow

Being an evil genius requires great attention to your lair and appearance. Sure you could be sitting in a Skull mountain like Skeletor, but then you sit in a regular chair with a couple of skulls and shenanigans randomly thrown in, ruining the effect. You could get yourself a scary chair, but that usually kills the comfort. Not in this chair though, the Skull Armchair is meant to be a comfortable chair.

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Artistic Touch is Dominant in Designer Furniture by Boca do Lobo

designer furniture by boca do lobo
Heritage Cabinet

Manufacturers of exclusive and designer furniture, Boca do Lobo have quite a collection of unique and stylish furniture. Inspiration ranges from the contemporary to the historic, with each sporting a distinct look and quality that only comes with an uncommon look finished to perfection. Hit ahead to take a look at some of the items from the collection, and marvel at the beauty of the designer furniture.

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