A Look at Mobile Gaming [infographic]

Mobile gaming is a gigantic market now, with the mobile entertainment industry currently valued at $33billion. And of course, a great contributor to success of modern phone platforms is the number of apps they have, a lot of which just happen to be games. Check out the full infographic after the jump to see how the mobile gaming industry is actually growing.

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The Apple Tree of Gadgets and Products

Apple has been in business for some 35 years, a time during which the company has come up with a number of products that influenced or even completely changed the game. And that we’d say is reason enough for all the fanboys the company gets. Not all of these were huge successes, but it seems …

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The Internet of Things [infographic]

Cisco has created this interesting infographic showing how “things” connected to the internet have far exceeded the number of people connecting to the world wide web, and how this number will continue to grow. It appears they went a bit hyperbolic with things, but the result is interesting and worth a look nevertheless. Full infographic after the jump.

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A century of war casualties, an infographic in blood

Conflict and war have marred the history of the human race, and the last century alone has seen two world wars and numerous conflicts. A total of 38 million deaths have been caused by 25 conflicts, many of which are still continuing. Clara Kayser-Bril, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Marion Kotlarski made this infographic with blood, using …

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Hipster states of America [infographic]

In its wisdom, BuzzFeed decided to take a closer look at the hipster states of America, using “hipster” search volumes to finally reach a result that says “A hipster is just a Brooklynite who wishes they were from Minnesota because it’s “more real,” while genuine Minnesotans are exempt from the label.”

PC people and Mac people [infographic]

The lines between Mac and PC have always been drawn, and this infographic from Hunch takes them to the people. Researchers put data from about 700,000 people from its website visitors and created a graphic showing just how different these people really are. It would appear the differences really are noteworthy, going around the platform of choice. Full image after the jump.

Via: Mashable

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