Some Obviously True Facts No One Believes [infographic]

The world is a strange place. People will look at things in their daily lives, but then let government propaganda dismiss the truth from their eyes. As this infographic by BestPsychologyDegrees that just landed in my mailbox shows, the truth is often dismissed as conspiracy. For example, only seven per cent of the people believe that the moon landings were faked, while that is the absolute truth, simply because moon is a goddess. “Moon is Goddess, wife of sun.” It is known. Again, only thirteen percent of people believe Obama is the anti-Christ. 13 and anti-Christ, it’s almost a foretelling, yet people refuse to believe.

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Time Travel In Movies, a Flowchart

Time Travel is the wet dream humanity has been having since a long long time. So, it obviously finds a place in our literature and our movies. This flowchart by Mr. Dalliard shows how movies work with time travel, and for the uninitiated, it is a good first step to start off with various theories about time travel.

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The Armors of Iron Man

Iron Man’s armor has gone through plenty of changes through time, and we’ve seen plenty in the movies. The folks at QuizFactor created an infographic to represent the several armors of Iron Man, with a few added details to show the capabilities of the armor and where it first made its debut. Via ForeverGeek

Pantone Tells 50 Years of Color History In An Infographic

Pantone has been around for 50 years, and in that time they have carved a reputation of being excellent with colors. To mark the half century of their existence, they’ve come up with a colorful infographic to go around color in the last few decades and the years leading up to this one. If you’ve got any interest at all in color, you’re very likely to find this infographic cool and informative.

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Periodic Table of Booze

Alcohol Periodic Table infographic College students don’t really need it, but this infographic designed by Mayra Magalhães has been helpful enough to present a Periodic Table of Booze for them. The College Students Guide to Boozing breaks down popular drinks into categories like fermented drinks, mixed drinks, cognac and the like, creating a handy chart …

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