Each of these alphabets is a super hero [pic]

Each alphabet in this image is represented as a superhero whose name begins with that particular alphabet. I’ll say Zorro kind of made the mark on this one. The prints of Fabian Gonzalez’s illustration can be bought cost $14. Via: RampagedReality

Bleeding superheroes [illustrations]

Artist Boneface created this set of images of superheroes beaten into a bloody (pink blood! WTF? ) mess. We don’t know about the illustrations, but seeing superheroes all messed up feels good. And we’ll go with BuzzFeed here “There’s something strangely gratifying about seeing Robin with his ass beat.”

Via: BuzzFeed

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Amazing illustrations with a psychedelic flavor

Illustrations by Italian artist Gianluca Mattia are interesting, to say the least. We think many of these illustrations show what pinups would look like, if the onlooker was on acid. Actually, most of these illustrations have that psychedelic feel and will totally grab on to your eyeballs.

Via: Cuded

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Gingers! [pic]

Redheads stand out in their moments of shining fame. Illustrator Ben Douglass created this chart highlighting some famed redheads. Interestingly, rather than giving their names straight, the chart illustrates their fame, making it all the more better. Via: Neatorama