Timelapse Lets you Marvel at the Beauty of Iceland

Having seen a ton of very impressive views of Iceland’s landscapes, it seems safe to conclude that it is one absolutely beautiful country. We sort of say this a lot, but Iceland is one country whose landscapes we see looking this often more than any other country. This video was shot by Stian Rekdal, who …

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Iceland Seen From the Sky [pics]

Nowadays it seems when we get talking about natural beauty, we’re talking about Iceland. This time, we have aerial photographs of the wondrous landscapes. The shots were captured by photographer Sandro Santioli as he flew above the landscape in a Cessna aircraft, clocking in over 70 hours of flight time and brought back these wondrous gems that make Iceland look like a wonderful and somewhat alien, but enchanting world.

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Landscapes Photographed by Raymond Hoffmann

Photographer Raymond Hoffmann has quite a penchant for capturing landscapes with a lens. Originally from Germany, Hoffman moved to Iceland about six years ago and has been capturing the beauty of the country ever since. Most of his photographs show the beautiful Iceland landscapes, though there are a few that show his voyeur into Nordic countries as well. But again, it is mostly about the beautiful Iceland landscape.

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Never Imagined Iceland Looked So Beautiful [video]

Made in Iceland is a superb video by Klara Harden shot with a Canon 550D. It wouldn’t be tough to imagine that the country had some very interesting places to check out, but my naive mind never believed it would be so packed with natural beauty.

Iceland’s Midnight Sun [video]

Summer sees places in the northern hemisphere getting sun for the better part of the day, and when it’s daylight at midnight, you know things are kind of interesting. According to the video’s description: This short time lapse film was shot during the Icelandic Midnight Sun in June of 2011. For 17 days I travelled …

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Iceland writing its constitution on Facebook

If you want to gauge the power of social networking, consider this: Iceland is writing its new constitution on Facebook. The draft of the crowdsourced constitution is being prepared by a 25-member council, and they are open to suggestions from civilians, even on Facebook. Interested citizens can give their suggestions, contribute to online debates, and …

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