52 Things to Do While You Poo

Apparently, there’s more to do while pooping, other than playing games on the phone or reading a magazine/newspaper. Well, this book has 52 activities that you could use to kill time as you poop. Book author Hugh Jassburn has also put together a few facts and bits and information, so you could increase your knowledge …

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City Council in UK Bamboozled by Funny Park Bench Plaques

These humorous plaques were put by unknown people on the benches of Cheshire West and Chester City as a mark of protest to the proposed Public Space Protection Order. While the city views the plan as a way to combat ‘antisocial’ behavior in the local area, the protestors hold the view that PSPO could ‘target the homeless and socially vulnerable’.

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Romance at its Finest: I Like You & Naps Pillowcases

Well you don’t know romance until you roll with it. You’d call these pillowcases amusing, but let’s be clear, they speak God’s honest truth. Well darling, I Like You and Naps – and at this point, I’m like 30 percent sure I like you better than naps. Okay, 20%. The pillowcases are available on Amazon …

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Funny comics of a cat speaking its mind

Cats kind of get a bad reputation of being aloof and not caring much. While you could dispute that notion, it certainly does make for some very interesting circumstances. Especially, if you’re dealing with Catass. Like the name implies, this cat is a huge asshole. Checkout these humorous comics of the mean cat about “me, myself, and my pet human.”

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Stereotypes of Europe, with a hint of the USA [video]

Ah, stereotypes. They’re so much fun if done tastefully, unless you get overcritical of what they portray. So sit back, relax and see Europe through the eyes of stereotypes. The video starts with how the USA views Europe and vice versa, and then delves into how different parts of Europe see each other. Quite amusing, I should say.