Alexa Ruins Families [video]

Alexa! The Echo works great, but there are moments when we could probably bludgeon the deviceā€¦ well, you know, generic digital assistant problems. This video by cartoonist Lauren Lorenzo shows Alexa being introduced to her father and 98-year old grandmother. A very interesting conversation ensues as the family tries to get talking to the new Echo device.

Holy F__k – A Hilarious Short Film About an Exorcism

Holy F__k by Chris Chalklen is a hilarious short film about an exorcism. It starts off quite “The Exorcist” style, but rather than going for horror, the film goes for humor. The idea of the film came from a story on Subreddit WritingPrompts. The film has been played at 39 international festivals, and has won …

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I Drink Until I Pass Out

I have been assured by several people that the words on the “I drink until I Pass Out” onesie are absolutely true for the tiny human wearing them. Costs $15.

Hilarious Texts From the Biggest Romantics in Literature

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Romance has fueled literature for centuries, and several characters have become quite the examples for love – and inspiration to countless people. What these characters from the classics lacked was texting. I mean, who in the modern world has loved and not communicated via texts? These images take a humorous look at these beloved characters and imagine what they would have texted. Check them out.

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Ridiculous Genius: Dude Takes Selfies To Make It Look Like He Has a Girlfriend

So here’s Rain Yokohama, who we’ll prefer to call the ridiculous genius. Rain has a series of selfies, that would for all practical purposes, appear to include his girlfriend. Then there’s the second shot, which shows exactly how the girlfriend selfie was taken, without the girlfriend. The set is titled “A collection of how to get by on Valentine’s day. Episode: how to take photos that look like you have a girlfriend”.

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52 Things to Do While You Poo

Apparently, there’s more to do while pooping, other than playing games on the phone or reading a magazine/newspaper. Well, this book has 52 activities that you could use to kill time as you poop. Book author Hugh Jassburn has also put together a few facts and bits and information, so you could increase your knowledge …

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