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Three Dimensional Paper Hummingbird Sculptures

Paper Hummingbird Sculptures by Cheong-ah Hwang

Artist Cheong-ah Hwang (previously here and recently on Randommization Facebook page) has a skill of creating lovely three dimensional paper sculptures. The artist creates the sculptures covering a large variety of subjects, going from fairy tales to popular culture icons, or her imagination. The set here shows the artist’s sculptures of hummingbirds. Hwang starts with a sketch, and paper is then cut, sculpt and assembled to take the desired look.


Hummingbird Nest [pic]

This photograph was captured by a Redditor with the words “Here is a hummingbird nest my wife found. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.” This isn’t exactly a rarity, but it sure is one of those things that most of us haven’t really noticed or seen.