Faux pebble rug

Faux pebble rug designed by Ksenia Movafagh is made from 100% wool smartly turned into the appearance of pebbles. The rug does adequately mirror the looks of pebbles you’d expect to find around the shore, but we’re not sure if it will continue to keep its looks as the time passes. Via: IncredibleThings

Shape changing lamps have rotating shades, a lot of looks

Shape Changing Lamps from N&N are more than just towers showing off bricks, and since the name leaves no suspense, I’ll just go on to the dramatic side and say these lamps change shape. It isn’t so much wizardry, but just the 360-degree rotatable shades at work. The shades are made from injected polycarbonate with translucent white panels, and together with aluminum frames, they give the lamps great looks. N&N has put three lamps in the series, named Magna, Opus and Tempo.

Via: N&N, Trendir

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Palace Stackable Porcelain Dinnerware

Palace Stackable Porcelain Dinnerware is a result of the collaboration between Seletti’s Selab and Allessandro Zambelli. When not in use, the pieces can be stacked up to create buildings, complete with a roof, taking on a castle-like appearance and getting the table ready for the lord of the palace. Costs $142. Via: IfIt’sHip,It’sHere, FreshBump

Designer uses sliding wall to turn tiny apartment into apartment, workspace and library

Creativity and ingenuity can go a long way, especially when you are considering the best use of available space. A client approached Yuko Shibata to have a meeting room and library added to his tiny apartment. Clearly, space was at a premium and no more could be added, therefore Shibata went with sliding walls to turn the place around. A pivoting bookshelf-wall turns the bedroom into a library, and a sliding wall in the dining room can shift from side to side to create the workspace/meeting room. Shibata has named the design “Switch.”

Via: FastCoDesign

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A futuristic slash stylish fireplace

Few things can match the grandeur of a well designed fireplace. Hot in the line of fireplaces with looks is this futuristic fireplace, Solaris by Heat & Glo. With all its shine and glow, it might as well look like some prop from a sci fi movie. The Solaris is available in two models, one …

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The sleek Zip bed makes life slightly easier

Forget about having to make your bed, the Zip Bed is like a superhero that will rid us of one of the most boring things we have to do. The bed is soft, gently rounded, and surrouned by a zipper. All you have to do is unzip it, and you see an inviting set of …

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Couple convert old church into house

A couple in Kyloe, Northumberland, purchased an old church and converted it into their home. The holy-house still has the stained-glass windows that provide it with ample natural lighting. The house has five bedrooms and has been created out of a Georgian church. The church was purchased for £92,000 (about $143,615), and they spent another £300,000 ($465,000) on renovations.

Via: All About You, InventorSpot

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Ancient Bladeless Fan Gets A Modern Revival

Long before electric supply came into being, people had such bladeless fans installed. Well, that is if they could afford to hire a person who would constantly pull a rope to set the cloth in motion. Electricity and ceiling fans made such contraptions obsolete, but then the world never tires of old world glory. The …

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