Hello Kitty takes over the Monopoly board

Hello Kitty Monopoly brings the cat to the old game. The game is set with London locations, except everything is plastered with Hello Kitty and there are six “collectible tokens” depicting the Kitty’s favorite stuff; that’s stuff like apples, milk bottle and lunch box. Costs $28. Via: RGS

Hello Kitty stiletto phone

Stiletto fashion police probably won’t mind you having a pinkish Hello Kitty stiletto phone, but theres’s a lot of people who would. Why? Because it is pink, and it is Hello Kitty, doesn’t look ergonomic and wouldn’t make a decent spy gadget even for a lousy spy. The product page puts it the best way, …

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Oh Look! Hello Kitty Has A Cute Chainsaw

At the rate the Hello Kitty “virus” is spreading and infecting things, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. But I could never have imagined that even chainsaws would fall to the cute attack. Now there is officially nothig that can stay safe for long from the attack of the …

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Dr. Romanelli Spills Out Hello Kitty’s Guts

There are a whole lot of people who wouldn’t mind spilling out Hello Kitty’s guts, but this is one which even the fans of the cute cat will like. Dr. Romanelli and Hello Kitty collaboration has brought a new line, “Anatomy.” These toys are designed to reveal the inner organs of the kitty. Dr. Romanelli …

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iRiver Launches (Cute?) Hello Kitty MP3 Player

For a lot of people, Hello Kitty is the symbol of cute, and then there are many who would see it as an invading mascot of crazy overdose of cuteness. I don’t belong to either category, but a Hello Kitty mp3 player sounds more like overkill than a cute music player. Anyways, fans of the …

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Hello Kitty Beer!!

Of all the things in the world, Hello Kitty has appeared on beer. Beck’s beer has gone pink and added a Hello Kitty insignia to the bottle. Is nothing safe from the reckless invasion of Hello Kitty? So… who wants a cute beer? KittyHell

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