Dead Hearts

Loosing the heart is never a good idea, those things are terrible to find. Thanks to this street art project by Roadsworth, the heart can now be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Science & Tech

Heart turbine keeps the blood pumping without a pulse

Popular culture tells us those walking without a pulse are undead; zombies, vampires and the like. Apparently, humans too would get to walk around without a pulse. Researchers are working on heart implants that use a pair of turbines to pump the blood. This means constant whirring, and none of the beats. The heart basically beats to nourish and rest its muscles, but turbines don’t need to do either. They would just keep pumping blood, minus the heartbeat. The pump has been developed by doctors at the Texas Heart Institute, and has been successfully tested on animals and one human. Though the design isn’t yet said to be perfected, so it may take longer for these turbines to be commercially available.

Via NPR, Dvice


Blinding Love pendant lamps

Love is blind, and if it ain’t, apparently this lamp will do the trick for you. Anyhoo, the lamp has a heart shaped blown glass cover that of course holds the bright light. The lamp has been designed by Periphere.

Via: MoCo Loco, Cribcandy


The beating heart: Heart Machine Automata

The Heart Machine automata is the creation of Martin Smith. Created for Crankahead contest, the automata features a heart with “sticks” that hit it somewhat like a drum. We’re absolutely lovestruck by the beating heart. Costs $257.

Via: Design-Milk