This LEGO Hasselblad Camera Works… *almost*

LEGO Hasselblad 503CX Build by Helen Sham

This all-LEGO Hasselblad 503CX built by Helen Sham is a functional model doing everything the original camera does – well, except the part about taking pictures. It has a mirror for the viewfinder that gives you a reversed image of your frame, includes a spring-loaded shutter button with a running counter, and has parts that can be separated just like the real Hasselblad. The LEGO Hasselblad 503CX has been built out of 1120 parts, and surprisingly, in just 2 hours. Scroll down for a video of Helen demonstrating the camera and its mechanism.

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Ferrari and Hasselblad come together for Ferrari themed camera

Hasselblad and Ferrari have teamed up to for H4D Ferrari, a camera with Ferrari-theme. A limited edition of Hasselblad’s H4 series flagship camera, the H4D Ferrari has an 80mm lens, dual layers – one for the camera and the lower layer for lens and accessories, a special handmade case, and anything Ferrari would obviously be incomplete without a Ferrari-themed paintjob. Only 499 of these limited edition cameras will be made. Hasselblad intends to reveal the pricing and availability details on the camera in October. (Click images for higher resolution.)

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