If Hogwarts house mascots were Pokemon

If Harry Potter crossed into the Pokemon universe or vice versa, things would be a lot more different. First off, the house mascots would be Pokemon. Also, it is likely that at the end, Harry and Voldemort wouldn’t just fight with magic, there would even be a Pokemon battle. Via: TheSmilingFish on DeviantArt, BuzzFeed

Harry Potter IR battling wands work the laser tag away

First instalment of the last Harry Potter movie is out, and it has quite a lot of magic and dueling action. Those looking for a bit of magical action themselves, can get hold of these infrared wands. They work in a fashion similar to “laser tag,” have their tips light up when a spell is …

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Ginormous Lego-robotic chess set inspired by Harry Potter

The chess game in the first Harry Potter movie was pretty cool with those pieces magically moving around and smashing each other. That same scene was also the inspiration for this “Monsterchess” created by Steve Hassenplug out of more than 100,000 Lego pieces. Steve and his friends John Brost, Ron McRae and Bryan Bonahoom started with Lego baseplates and created a game where the robotic pieces actually have moving parts. Kings and Queens point there scepters, knights can kick their forelegs and the rook fires cannonballs.

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Futuristic Harry Potter fights his battles in space

Characters in the Harry Potter universe seem to be living a somewhat medieval lifestyle. In the world of Kathryn Hudson, they have moved into the future where Harold J. Potter, captain of the ISS Griffin battles the evil forces of the Slytherin Alliance headed by Overlord Voldemort. Via: Kathryn Hudson on DeviantArt, io9

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