Harry Potter in 7 Minutes [video]

Seven books and eight movies make an interesting, but long story to look out for Harry Potter. You’ve probably already seen the new Potter movie, but in case you haven’t this video will be glad to refresh your memory for the previous seven movies. Via Kottke

Re-imagining Classic Album Covers With Harry Potter Characters

Imagining what album covers would look like if they were made for the wizarding world, with Harry Potter characters donning the album art. And nothing says those things like creatively executed photoshop. Voldemort looks rather comfortable with his new style, though we still think robes look a lot cooler than jeans. Also, had there been a Death Eater band, it would have been a lot easier for the wizards to just peace out. That, and marijuana.

Via NextMovie, BuzzFeed

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Burnt Hogwarts cake for Harry Potter premiere

Created for the NYC premiere of the last Harry Potter movie, this cake shows a burnt Hogwarts, an aftermath of the wizard war that the building was witness to. The lighting effects they added makes the cake look eerily real, which we guess also works because the construction seems fairly accurate. Via CharmCity Cakes, Geekologie

Hogwarts travel posters

Hogwarts travel posters by Caroline Hadilaksono make us think that tourism must be booming in the land of magic. The prints cost $45. Via SuperPunch

Pickup lines: Harry Potter style [pic]

Two girls on Facebook, writing Harry Potter inspired pickup lines for each other. You gotta hand it to them, they’re creative, and the pickup lines are hilarious. Via: Geekologie

The Burrow from Harry Potter made out of gingerbread

Gingerbread seems to be the ideal material of choice when building a food sculpture, and no wonder we’ve seen some very impressive feats accomplished with it. Here’s the burrow, as you might have seen in Harry Potter movies. Only, this one is made from gingerbread and the Weasley’s probably aren’t in the mood to eat …

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Harry Potter wand chopsticks

Chopsticks shaped like Harry Potter’s wands won’t let you magically eat food, but they will add magic to your food, especially if you are a Potter fan and already can’t wait enough of Harry Potter. The chopsticks cost $15 and are available for pre-order. Via: that’s nerdalicious