Say hello to the Jack-O’-Lantern R2-D2 for Halloween

It’s Halloween and many people will be carving Jack-O’-Lanterns, but it takes someone like Noel Dickover to create amazing carvings like the R2-D2 we see here. He has created the R2-D2 this year, but there actually are a number of interesting carvings like the Maleficent Dragon and the Death Star, which you can see on Fantasy Pumpkins.

Via: NPR


3D printed rat earrings could find room in a Halloween wardrobe

When you can print aircraft engines out of 3D printers, getting rats out of them should not be such a big deal. Though probably you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing such weird accessories. Thankfully, Halloween is near and you can get away with wearing weird stuff such as this in the name of costumes. Come to think of it, they might actually make a good accessory with a well though Halloween costume. Cost $17.

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Pacman pumpkin Halloween lawn decoration

Pac-pumpkin is going to eat the ghosts this Halloween. The inflatable system is eight feet long, it lights up, and the weird toothed Pacman continues to scare the bejesus out of the ghosts. Costs $100.

Via: BigSquid RC, Joystiq


The Predator Halloween costume

It is that time of the year already; carved pumpkins, tricks and treats, awesome costumes and a whole lot of fun. This predator Halloween costume was made by Shawn Thorsson, who spent two months in forging the costume from upholstery foam, liquid latex, and duct tape. LEDs were used for the Predator’s wearable computer while the blades have been made from aluminum. He made the costume back in 2005, but has decided to show it to the internet only recently.

Via: Make, technabob


This isn’t Duck Hunt, it’s Vampire Bat Hunt

When the ducks left the 8-bit world, they likely turned to plastic vampire bats, or they are shaped like this to be just in time for Halloween. But have no fear, we still have our infrared gun weapon. Three direct hits on the vampire, and it’s out. The bat can stay in flight for 30 seconds, and flies erratically enough to make shooting it slightly difficult. Live action Vampire Bat Hunt costs $30.

Via: Ubergizmo


Plush Beating Heart: Carry Your Heart In Your Hands

The Plush Beating Heart is one of the most thoughtless gifts you can give to a person, and somehow still manage to make some sense. Well, you just need to shake it and the heart gets pulsing, allowing you to crank out cheesy lines as you hand out your heart. Costs $18.



USB Death Grim Reaper Speakers Will Introduce You To Fear

The Grim Death Reaper USB Speakers seem to be right on time for Halloween. The speakers would make great companions for the computer, though they won’t really fulfill all your needs if loud music is your desire. Output from these speakers is just 2.5 Watts, maybe that is how the Grim Reaper intends things to be. Cost $36.69.



DIY Pumpkin Cannon Shoots ’em At 600mph

There’s no better way than celebrating Halloween then making a big ass cannon and shooting off pumpkins from it. Built by John Gill and Gary Arold, this cannon has a 97-foot-long barrel and can shoot pumpkins at 600mph, and throw them for miles. It uses compressed air from two 1000 gallon tanks to throw those pumpkins to nearly 3500 feet into the air.


The Rovin Pumpkin Will Add Spook To Halloween

Stand back carved pumpkins, a spooky Rovin Pumpkin is out to beat you at the Halloween game. It sits quietly ln the porch, and is then “possessed” and gets a green glow in its eyes, and moves about one foot to the left. The pumpkin then stops for a minute, and starts movement with the evil glow in its eyes again, only this time, it goes to the left. Yep, creepy Halloween robot.

Evil Mad Scientist

Animated Haunted Books Are Spooky

The Animated Haunted Books will make for a scary shelf on Halloween. As anyone moves past these books, they shuffle and slide, and make “eerie” sounds. And they sound very good for an addition at Halloween, and they’ll add a bit of effect to Halloween celebration. Cost $25.