Toddler’s LED Halloween Costume is Super Spooky

Toddlers are inherently spooky. We don’t realize it because they usually mask the spooky in a covering of cute, but given the right setting, children have the talent to spook everyone out completely. Just take a look at this video. Well, to be honest it is also super adorable, and a perfect example of going from spooked to awww in about ten seconds. This rather impressive LED Stick Figure Halloween costume was created by photographer Royce Hutain for his 22 month old daughter Zoey.

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Chalkboard Pumpkins

Carving a pumpkin doesn’t have to be everybody’s style for Halloween, you could just wrap it up in some classy typography with an equally good effect. This DIY tutorial shows you how to do just that, starting with a simple way to give the pumpkins a chalkboard-like texture.

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Braid Your Long Locks Right For a Gimli Beard

Got long hair and want to dress up like Gimli? Well, here you go. Middle school English teacher Marcella made a sweet Gimli dwarf beard for herself, and put up a tutorial with instructions on how to do one for yourself. Via Tutorial, BoingBoing

Maggot Infested Throat Necklace

At any other time, we would call this gross and stay away from it. But since we are walking towards Halloween, this looks like something that might come out handy. Costs $25.