Spooktastic Halloween Spider Pumpkin Appendages

Halloween Pumpkin Spider Appendages

Halloween Spider Pumpkin Appendages are a great touch for this year’s Halloween decoration. It comes in a set of two sets of legs, two big round plastic eyes, and two pedipalps. Push the metal prong ends into any pumpkin, real or faux, and you will have your very own pumpkin spider.

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Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf

Goth Decor Coffin Shelf

Halloween and Dracula lovers alike come together to enjoy this one of a kind shelf. The Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf is a great addition to any eclectic home. Just like in the movies, this shelf is shaped like the remembered coffin from which Count Dracula would rise during the night, and hide during the day. 

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Weeping Angel Mask

The weeping angels are the scariest of Doctor Who antagonists. There are Daleks and Cybermen, but they can hardly compare with the sheer terror of being taken out in the blink of an eye. I’d say Blink ranks pretty close to the best episodes of the new Doctor Who series. That, and The Empty Child. …

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Grumpy Cat Full Head Mask

A picture says a thousand words, a Grumpy Cat mask says a gazillion words, or better, none at all. The mask is a Halloween prop, but who says you can’t stock up on Halloween early? Plus, enterprising minds surely could find a way to put this mask to more uses. The full face mask is …

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Skull Candle Bleeds Through Its Eyes

The season of scary is never out of season, especially when you can get something as simple as a candle to do bidding of the evil overlords. Once you light the skull candle, red wax flows out through the skull’s eyes giving an appearance of blood. Not to mention, the hollow eyes of the skull show a raging inferno within. Costs £20 ($33).

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Skeleton Horse

Artist Sandy Cramer painted a skeleton on her black horse with white paint to give the animal a very interesting look. It took her about five hours to free-hand paint the skeleton on the horse, who can sometimes be seen at her shop in Rockbridge, Ohio.

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