Artist-Barber Gives Customers a Detailed Portrait Haircut

‘Rob the Original’ is an artist with the scissor, and your hair, and your head. Not everyone can sport a portrait on their head, but if you can, Rob is the guy for you. While you get your haircut, Rob will craft a very detailed portrait on your head, with your very own hair. If you would like something more colorful, like patterns, that’s also a yes.

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Birds Dress Up In The Funkiest Of Hairstyles

Birds in Becoming Otherwise by Karley Feaver

Birds, as everyone is well aware, like to stay on top of the fashion line. You get to see them in fantastic colors and impressive style. Well, that apparently wasn’t just cutting it, so birds have now gone the route of some real funky hairstyles, several of which are inspired by the way humans treat their hair.

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