Prank machine disturbs news on wireless networks

Newstweek is a tiny device that loves to play pranks with devices on wireless networks. As the user reaches the target site, Newstweek swings into action, changing the contents of a news site to the custom “news” put in by the prankster. The device uses ARP spoofing to change text on several news sites, though …

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Printer uses sharpies for printing

The Phlat Printer 3 from Phlat Club Member scraighamilton uses colored sharpies to spit out these images. Can we call a printer an artist if it uses markers for drawing? Via: HackdedGadgets, CraziestGadgets

Kinect hack spawns the eye of Sauron

A Kinect and a spherical display is all you need to spawn your very own eye of Sauron. The spherical display takes the appearance of a giant eyeball, and as soon as a person walks close to the display, the eye pops open and follows the person around. It makes for quite a funky display, …

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Playing Nintendo games on an oscilloscope [video]

NintendOscope is a hack that lets you play games on an oscilloscope. Craig hacked the Gameboy and the oscilloscope so that the output is sent to the oscilloscope running in XY mode. Via: Flashing LEDs, Hackaday, Crackajack

Gamer uses Kinect to play Super Mario Bros

It’s raining Kinect hacks these days. Shigeru Miyamoto made use of OpenKinect drivers and Nintendo emulation to get to play Mario on Kinect. Miyamoto says, “I programmed it to recognize my motions and passed the virtual button presses to the NES emulator. I could have placed a simulated keypad right in front of me that …

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