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Custom Guitars Made to Match Classic Cars

Classic cars come from an age where cars were a thing of beauty. Designers focused on aesthetics to churn out cars each of which could be a piece of art. That age has gone, and while several of those classic cars may no longer be practical for the road, but their aesthetics still stand. Dave Gartland of Ali Kat is harnessing the beauty of classics from the ‘50s to make gorgeous, one of a kind custom guitars.


3D Printed Guitars

Electric guitars get a taste of 3D printing with ODD Guitars by Olaf Diegel. The guitar bodies are made out of nylon and they dyed through a two step process for the finished look. As they mention, in terms of construction this is much like any other electric guitar.

Cool Featured

Female Body Shaped Guitar

Coming straight from the creative guitar shop of Paul Celentano, this guitar mimics the shape of the female body. That is kind of hot; and the price is kind of sweat-inducing at $2700.


Draco Electric Guitar Boasts the Power of a Dragon

We’ve seen people get creative with guitars, but dude… this one has a dragon! The chrome metallic dragon plays as good as any of its kin, and has the badass look to root for. Emerald Guitars gave Draco a real cool touch with glowing blue LEDs for eyes.


Cupcake Guitar

This guitar is going to make the sweetest music evar! Costs $950.

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Art Featured

Decommissioned AK-47 converted into a guitar

Colombian sculptor César López creates some of the most badass looking guitars that presumably make other guitars look woefully inadequate with their war stories. The sculptor noticed many armed guards carried their guns like they would a guitar, leading Lopez towards the idea of fashioning guitars from the scary AK-47s. Lopez does not sell his creations, but hopes that “in the end the gun dies and the guitar is born.”

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Cool Random

When guitars are weapons

Playing guitars shaped like weapons, you’d be something like… I don’t know a superhero or super-villain who attacks with music and does the finishing move with his guitar weapon. Actually, forget that part, you’d just be some guy with a weird-shaped guitar.

Via: Violent Guitars, Velvet Rocket, TrendHunter