Google Shows off Project Glass, We See Magic [video]

Checkout this demonstration of Google’s augmented reality glasses. It lets you do stuff on the go, apparently working with awesome gestural interfaces where the user has to do little more than move his eyes. The video just shows the concept at the moment and apparently is about giving screen time to a guy who can learn to play a ukulele in a couple of hours. But yeah, Project Glass looks seriously cool.

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Google Brings Out Watches

Google worked with Modify Watches to come up with a range of timepieces that their fans would adore. The watches all have simple looks and you could choose between three designs; Chrome, Android or a regular Google watch. The rather simplistically designed analog watches have interchangeable color bands. Priced at $60. Via Ubergizmo

Google Plus Circles You Could Actually Use

One of the big features Google Plus likes to talk about is the inclusion of circles, where you can effectively categorize people in your network. If the experience with Facebook and Twitter tells us anything, we will have a lot of people there with whom we have no acquaintance, or awkward friendships at best. This …

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Images from Google Earth turned into surreal ‘postcards’

However smart it may be, Google Earth is a software and it has its limitations. Which means it gets a bit confused, showing us scenarios like drooping bridges, suspended roads and dimensions gone haywire. Of course, since continuously updates its software, these abnormalities may soon disappear. Thankfully, artist Clement Valla has an excellent selection of screenshots offering such weird perspectives. Check ’em out, they’re totally worth it.

Via:, PSFK

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