Prepare Yourself For Winter With Touchscreen Gloves

Winter is approaching fast, and with it the trouble of operating the phones we carry. Touchscreens don’t really work with gloves, and exposing hands to the biting cold nearly every time we have to use the phone is big trouble. That is where solutions like these gloves come in handy. They work just fine with touchscreens, and keep hands protected from the wrath of cold weather. The images you see here are from Mujjo, who offer touchscreen compatible gloves for $33.33, or more stylish leather gloves for $173.57. Of course, you could always find more options on Amazon.

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Leather Touchscreen Gloves

With half the world carrying around touchscreen mobile phones and tablets, the thing to fear is winters. Can’t really stash away the gadgets, don’t really want to uncover our hands in the remorseless, cold weather. Well, thankfully there are gloves that just work fine with the weather, without having to expose our hands to the brutal elements. The Leather Touchscreen Gloves are made out of Ethiopian lambskin that’s treated for wind and water resistance.

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Warmthru G3 Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Cold wintry hands, meet the love of your life, the thing you’ve wanted so bad and for so long. That description might fit a lot of things, but we’re talking of heated gloves here. Because nothing beats walking free in the numbing cold and still have warm hands. Warmthru G3 gloves include a rechargeable 7.4 Volts battery which stands out of the neck of the glove and has to be attached externally using a small cord.

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Pixel oven gloves are the pointers you see

Pixel oven gloves have been created in likeness of the well recognized mouse pointer. Geek up the kitchen a bit while you cook pointer shaped cookies; actually, someone should really do that. Cost $24. Via: 7Gadgets

Gloves let you say Yes/No with a show of hands

Answering simple yes and no too much work? Well, it’s time to take asshatery to an entirely new level, answer people with the show of gloves, and simultaneously tell them to “talk to the hand.” We’d guess anyone wearing these gloves and actually “using” them is going to be very popular. Cost $5. Via: RGS

Glove gives you company for Rock Paper Scissors

The rock paper scissors glove is your perfect excuse to, er… play with yourself. Created by Grathio Labs, the glove is fully capable of playing a game of rock-paper-scissors. Not just random playing though, the glove is capable of making decisions based on the player’s strategies. An algorithm in the glove lets it study and memorize the strategy of the player, and then create an effective strategy of its own. Well, there isn’t much of strategy involved with RPS, but according to its creator, in all the games, the glove has seen 71 victories and 62 losses.

Via: InventorSpot

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