MRI Scans of Vegetables

Horned Melon

Veggies don’t get enough love. On the other hand, one can hardly complain about that, seeing the way they look on the insides. It’s not bad, it’s just… a bit discomforting. Of course, if we push ourselves out of the meaningless prejudice, we realize it’s really cool.

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Gifs Show Internet’s Conquest of the World

In just a few, quick years internet has become one of the most important facets of our world. This image shows the spread of the internet in the last twenty years, as it grows and takes over the world. The map up top represents the usage of internet as a percentage of the country.

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In Japanese Game Show, Celebrities Eat Random Objects That Might Be Chocolate

Chomp on an object that you see everyday around you, and it just might be a chocolate, or it might be what it looks like. Japanese sokkuri (‘look alike’) sweets are desserts that look like everyday objects. Recently on a game show, celebrities and participants were asked to bite everyday objects; some of which were desserts, and others were exactly what they looked like.

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Famous Movie Moments and Comics Animated in 8-bit

Pulp Fiction

Ah 8-bit, the block ridden, barely conspicuous medium that probably nobody would care about if it didn’t bring us the sweet nostalgia. For that reason alone, we shall remain hooked to the magic of 8-bit for a long time to come. Slovekian artist Dusan Cezek has created a set of 8-bit images that present some of the well known movie moments, and a set of comic book characters in the glorious gif format.

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Mesmerize Yourself In a Pop Tart Factory [gif]

Okay, you’ve stared at it for ten minutes now, that’s good enough. HTML5 embed above. If you are on an older browser, or prefer the good old gif, hit ahead.

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Minimalist Animated Posters for Harry Potter Series

Minimalist Harry Potter Illustrations by Jessica Martinez

Playing up to the Harry Potter series, artist Jessica Martinez has created a set of animated gif images for all seven books of the series. The images focus on a primary event or object in the related book, and animate it for full effect. It would probably be more like how all images work in the Harry Potter world anyway. As an extra, each image also has Harry Potter’s lightning scar; sometimes clearly visible, and sometimes hidden well enough to make you search for it.

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Before and After, the Young and the Old Displayed in Gifs

These gifs present a quick take on aging with the help of before and after photographs. They start with a photograph of old people, slowly superimposed with another image of when they were young. It’s quite a striking set, especially as the image of their younger self slowly moves on to take place the image of the photographed of the aged person.

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You Will Barely Have Time to Write With This Amazing Magnetic Pen

Pens are supposed to come in handy when you need to scribble something on paper. This magnetic pen will do that too and do it better than several others, but that is not the reason we want it. We want it, because it is amazing. It is amazing, because it’s a genius with magnets. Polar, as the pen is called, has 12 neodymium magnets that can be put to variety of uses.

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