Game of Thrones Custom Lego Figures

Game of Thrones has received massive popularity and appeal, a fair indicator of which is the increasing number of DIY projects and fan art we are seeing. These custom minifigs are based on the HBO TV series, and they pretty much manage to capture the details and to some extent, the character of the figures. The amazing set of custom minifigs is the creation of Sam Beattie.

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Game of Thrones westeros map

Game of Thrones has had its share of fame, as George R.R. Martin’s books and recently as HBO’s adaptation for the screen. If you’ve enjoyed either (or both) you’ll find this Westeros map of the Game of Thrones quite interesting. What’s better is that the map has been made entirely with Microsoft Paint. Now is the time you look at it with surprise and wonder if that sort of thing is even possible. Seriously, how do you make something this incredible on Paint? Full image after the jump.

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