Furniture That Is Guaranteed To Last 300 Years

Swedish designers Brikolor displayed their furniture collection at Milan, with the word that it was guaranteed to last for 300 years. The said collection includes “two cabinets made of partly-varnished, solid larch, a stool with uneven legs made of ash and an armchair made of turned, ash components.”



Human Shaped Furniture From The 1950’s

This human shaped furniture is on sale for about 4000 pounds. And if you are thinking, what weird designs are being made nowadays, then you’re wrong, this design comes from U.K and is about 56 years old. But if someone buys this, it would be because its in a way antique and very unique and that person has a very weird taste, at least in buying furniture.



Reef Benches

Designers Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen have created these awesome benches for students at Picasso Lyceum in Zoetermee, Netherlands. These reef benches have been made in such a way that the slats move slowly but the whole structure maintains solidity. This not only adds some life to the dull concrete buildings but a little fun too.