MRI Scans of Vegetables

Horned Melon

Veggies don’t get enough love. On the other hand, one can hardly complain about that, seeing the way they look on the insides. It’s not bad, it’s just… a bit discomforting. Of course, if we push ourselves out of the meaningless prejudice, we realize it’s really cool.

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Pears In The Shape of Babies

Because the world needed more creepy, someone decided to grow pears in the shape of babies. Apparently, they like to call them “happy/joyful doll pears” which absolutely looks like the right name for a baby shaped figure you’re about to peel/cut/eat whatever.

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Fruit Figures

Advertising agency Schoz & Friends ran an advertising campaign for the organic supermarket chain Fresh`N´Friends. These fruity figures were created to attract people, specifically children to the fresh, organic food that the supermarket claims to sell.

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Skulls Carved Out of Fruits

Artist Dimitri Tsykalov plays with his food before he eats it, and it is a good thing. The artist has a way of carving skulls on fruits and vegetables, giving them a look that seems “natural.” It almost looks like these skulls were meant to be, and were revealed by removing the skin.

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