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All-Electric Airis Wants To Be The Future’s Flying Taxi

Flying cars continue their attempts to come out of imagination into the real world. The latest iteration in the long line of flying concepts is the AirisOne. This all-electric flying car is the brainchild of Bermuda-based Airis Aerospace. Capable of ferrying five passengers, the AirisOne will have the ability to be fully autonomous, with options for semi-autonomous driving. The taxis will fly from (and to) a network of envisioned “Vertiports”, enabling travel throughout a city.


Man Converts Old Car Into Flying Car

Building on an old ZAZ-Tavria, a Russian inventor has modified it into a levitating car, with a robust design. Popular in the erstwhile Soviet Union, the Ukranian car lent itself well to modification. All “unnecessary” parts were removed from the car to make it light, and then it was given wings to fly, from what we know, no Red Bull was given to the car. Once the car speeds up to 90 kilometers an hour, it takes off, hovering 2 to 3 meters above the ground. Slowly, the car loses speed and glides back to the road in a simple and light touchdown. The car’s inventor believes it could work well for training pilots.

Via NKJ, Russia-ic

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YEE flying car wants to go Wheeeee!

Flying cars pose a dilemma for us. We want them bad, but we also fully realize that they aren’t going to materialize for a long-long time, and that they are very unpractical at the moment. Pragmatism never stopped us from wanting something, and that won’t stop us from drooling over a (concept) flying car.