Eternal roses refuse to wilt

Everyone loves the fragrance and looks of fresh flowers, but they have the nasty habit of wilting and turning to dust in a few days, and synthetic flowers don’t really have the same charm. Which is why eternal roses from Olivier Giugni would find some real use. Long Lasting Floral Spheres, flower arrangements in a bouquet are so made that they don’t loose their charm and bloom, for at least a year.

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Multicolored roses are the rage

Dutch florist Peter van de Werken seems to be good business with his multicolored roses, or “rainbow roses” as many call them. These are all basically cream roses, but the florist gives them the hue using vegetable dyes. The dye is placed in the water, and goes up the stem to give the rose its color. How the petals get unique colors is Werken’s closely guarded secret. The process takes between 12 to 24 hours and each stem of the rose costs £24.49 ($36). Another image after the jump.

Via: DailyMail

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