Awesome Flipbook Animations Made From Recycled Bike Parts

Flipbooks by artist Juan Fontanive are incredible, not only are the animations beautiful, but the underlying mechanism is pretty darn sweet. The artist makes these mechanisms by recycling and repurposing parts from old bicycles and clocks. Then comes along the process of hand drawing, painting, and screen printing the images. Several of these display birds and insects in flight, a subject that goes extremely well with the sound made by the flipbook as pages shuttle.

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Superman Versus Goku in Flipbook Animation

In a collision of massively powered heroes, Superman and Goku battle it out in this flipbook animation. There is a winner, although with subjects of different universes like these, it is difficult to entirely agree or disagree with the result. What we can agree with, is that Superman versus Goku would be one epic fight.

Photographs as Film Frames Used to Create ‘Quasi Cinema’

Going through a very flipbook animation-like style, Quasi Cinema by artist Lucas Simões employs folded photographs stitched together in the form of a wave. As you walk along the wall with the portraits, you get the feel of seeing an animation slowly unfold. Too bad there is no video for us to clearly see what these folded photograph film frames would actually work like, but it looks pretty cool for the imagination. Plus, we can always picture it working something like this.

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