Office flaunts a fighter jet for decoration

It does not matter how much time, effort and money you spend on making an office look cool. Unless it has tractor beams, it will always fall short of that super cool office that uses a fighter plane for decoration. Just ask the people at KUSHNERstudios, who have a big ass 1960s MiG fighter jet as a wall hanging. Much better than the cheap portraits on your office wall, huh?

Via: Inhabitat


Jet Sledding behind a fighter jet [Video]

It’s official, the snow is making people crazy. We called it stupid when we saw kids bungee-sled off a roof, though that seems pretty tame compared to this. Meanwhile, in Sweden, the airforce has been tagging along sleds with fighter jets for some jet sledding fun in the snow. We have no idea how things work out once the jet takes off.

Via: TheAwesomer