Time Lapse Travels Through European Architectural Marvels

Europe is a treasure trove of outstanding and brilliant architecture though history. Videographer Luke Shepard went on a tour of Europe, traveling to 36 cities across 21 countries in three months. All in an attempt to document the architectural marvels of the continent. He returned with thousands of photographs that were turned into a time-lapse for Nightvision, the video you see here. And yes, it’s stunning and worth every second of the time you spend watching the video.

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Ten centuries worth of European borders in 5 minutes [Video]

This video shows 10 centuries of European history by means of changing borders. It shows the growth of empires, and the rise of nations, all by means of changing borders. Sadly, the video does not have a timeline to go along the change of borders. The video was taken from HistoricalAtlas. The video on the …

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Europe’s map made from Lego highlights its landmarks

Euromap project is a huge relief map of Europe, made with Legos. Covering 157 square feet, the map shows Europe, highlighting its landmarks and monuments with Lego creations. A total of 287,800 bricks and six months have gone into creating this map. Via: Make, Gizmodo