Intricately Embroidered Landscapes

Russian artist Vera loves to draw, and as she puts it, her brush is the needle. That needle sure does some excellent work, when you take a look at her impressive and intricate embroidery. Her canvas, very often is barely a few inches in diameter – though the details stay exacting. You can follow her work on Instagram, or head over to Etsy to purchase.

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Embroidered Cats Peek Out of Shirts

Cat shirts by Hiroko Kubota were initially made for her son. The child is of a smaller build and store bought items did not fit him well enough. So the mother started to make shirts for her son, the boy being a bit of a cat lover sometimes requested his mother to use her skill in embroidery to add cats to the shirts.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Embroidered Superheroes

Artist duo Weelittlestitches created this set of cross-stitch embroidered superheroes who are all set to take on the forces of er… non-embroidered evil, or something like that. We don’t think these superheroes are going too far, unless they’re going to a Nickelback concert. That said, we do like the touch of geekiness to embroidery and their selection is pretty impressive as well, so it is all a win-win situation then.

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Realistic Embroidered Portraits

Not being rocket scientists by any measure, we assume making embroidered portraits with this kind of realistic look takes a hell lot of skill. Artist Cayce Zavaglia does use a photograph to reproduce the images, but all the embroidery obviously doesn’t do itself; it requires a skilled hand.

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Embroidered Car Doors

Lithuanian textile artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene takes embroidery to where it is rarely expected, and where it is rarely seen (if ever). The artist takes most unexpected of objects like car doors and turns them into canvasses for his exceptional work with thread and embroidery, creating these impressive embroidered patterns. The artist also works with other unlikely objects as bowls, irons and lamps.

Via Colossal

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