Disney Princesses meet the dark side

We’ve mostly seen Disney Princesses in their cute lovey-dovey style, then we saw them shed those innocent looks, but now they have come in touch with the dark side. These images portraying Disney princesses as Sith were created by JosephB222. Oh look… the Little Mermaid’s got legs. Via: NerdApproved

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Disney getting a Steampunk touch with a pocket watch and figures

Mickey Mouse is about to get brassy and covered in cogs and wheels. Disney Design Group Artist Mike Sullivan has been busy creating a Vinylmation Steampunk Series, which supposedly, will give Disney characters a Steampunk look. Official unveiling for the Steampunk series is early next year. There will be six figures in the set, and the images of samples out now have been hand-painted for detail.

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The ladies of Disney shed their innocent look

Disney characters maintain their innocent, cute look; but what if some of the ladies from Disney shed off their conventional looks for a more sexy comic book style look. Artist J. Scott Campbell has the answer, and we have the image gallery. Check it out. Via: LikeCool

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Disney creates animation with post-it notes

This stop motion animation from Disney is rather cool, and shows off the company’s immense talent. It’s quite basic upto the 1 minute mark, and after that the post-its swing into animation. The video was made to promote a volunteerism campaign for Disney employees. BoingBoing