Artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros takes a look at the world of Disney, where its stars have become disenchanted with their starry, perfect little lives. It isn’t easy to handle the pressure of stardom, and the work shows Disney stars reeling under the stress.

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Disney Princesses Presented as Vogue Cover Models

For this set, artist Dante Tyler gave the famous Princesses of Disney a touch of glamour and set them on the path of supermodels, drawing mock-ups that show the famed princesses as Vogue cover models. It would be interesting to see how it all played out and the how honest and cute princesses made their mark in the world. They’d probably be spoilt silly by all the attention, and then rather than being immortal and loved, they’d be quickly forgotten at the end of their career.

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Disney Princesses Dress Up In Historically Accurate Costumes

Disney Princesses have been strutting around in their Disney designed costumes, that aren’t bad at all, but they don’t quite happen to be historically accurate. It’s up to people like Claire Hummel to bring out a touch of reality behind all the cutesy bling Disney princesses are decked with. In the quest for historically accurate costumes, the illustrator looked out for the time period the stories depicted, and recreated the famed Disney princesses in costumes more suitable for their time. Not that Disney princesses would mind dresses that have nothing to do with their time.

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Disney shows iPad 2 cases for kids

Disney has come up with two new iPad cases designed specifically for kids. The cases are tough, durable and with a plastic shield protector, a carrying strap, built-in stand, and a stylus that can be stowed away in the case itself. Made from rubber and foam, the cases are priced at $50 each.

Disney-style story telling of Arab revolts with Angry Birds

The world’s attention has been fixed on the revolts going on in the Arab world, with Tunisia, Egypt and Libya going down the path of revolution. Three Big Pigs animation uses Disney Melodies and Angry Birds to tell the “true story” of the events. I bet you’ve figured out the Three Big Pigs by now, …

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