Silver and 14k Gold Humping Dinosaur Chain

Necklaces by Onch Movement have a very special pendant. Dinosaurs knew love, and they knew humping, and that’s exactly what they are doing in these pendant necklaces. Lucky Bones necklace has a chain topped by a pendant of humping dinosaurs. The necklaces are hand cast and plated in either 14k gold or silver. The gold version is priced at $230, or exactly the amount I’m willing to pay to tie an image of humping dinosaurs around my neck.

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Dinosaurs Dressed up as Avengers

When you’re a dinosaur, you can do pretty much everything you want; because 1) You’re scary as shit, and 2) You’re extinct. Terryl Whitlatch decided to draw dinosaurs dressed up as the Avengers, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, with the movie fresh out. Although we bet these dinosaurs would have been the center of attraction at that dino-costume party these guys never made it to.

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The Tough Life of T-Rex

Most of us tend to think that T-Rex had it easy back in the day. You know, being the most dangerous predator, sharp and quick ought to have kept other dinosaurs in fear of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Folks, we’ve been judging the book by its cover. The poor lizard had it tough, as this wonderful blog shows.

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Jurassic Awesomeness Shines in this Metal Crafted T-Rex

It looks like the latest creation of Andrew Chase is busy devouring anything that comes in its path. But that was kind of obvious given most creatures would fall prey to the “Tyrant Lizard”. The handmade mechanical creation was built using recycled metal that primarily came from transmission parts, conduit, plumbing pipe and unidentifiable widgets found in industrial salvage yards. The tyrannosaurus rex sculpture stands 2 feet high, is six feet long and weighs about 40 pounds.

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Teneen Concept Car Takes Inspiration From Dinosaur Form

A creation of designer Hussien Al Jammazi, the Teneen concept car is envisioned as a two seater electric car for a bustling metropolis. The tiny and compact car has a small footprint on the ground that lets it navigate easy and help ease the traffic of cities. The three wheel car is an excellent attempt, and the designer mentions the form of dinosaurs as an inspiration.

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Just a 20-Foot Animatronic Triceratops for your home

We have no idea why anyone would want a 20-foot animatronic dinosaur for their place, but we’re not going to question someone shelling out $350,000 to get hold of this piece. The dino works with motion activated cameras that follow the subject, while the triceratops moves its head, stomps, scuffs and growls. All for just …

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If dinosaurs were superheroes

It is quite logical to assume that superheroes existed in prehistoric times, after all, even dinosaurs would need saviors. Needless to say, their superheroes weren’t competent enough, because well, dinosaurs are extinct now. They’d probably have faired better if they had this Marvel superhero dinos looking after them. Via: Legitimus Maximus, Ufunk

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