Meet Your New Dance Teacher – Robotic Socks

Can’t seem to learn the right moves for dancing? Fear not, for these robotic socks will be your instructor. The idea behind these socks designed by Pascal Ziegler is to get you started with the moves for the Foxtrot, the Mambo, or the Charleston. The socks are equipped with pressure sensors and vibration motors to guide the feet movement of pair dancers.

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Danse(s) Brings Different Dance Forms Together [video]

This video by Sosh was made as a tribute to dance, bringing in different and seemingly unrelated dance forms onto one video. They got together different dancers from various styles and countries, and of a different age group, all into one video. The dancers were selected through social networks, and the video was shot at …

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Cute Twins Dance to Hey Ya [video]

Since we are feeling particularly in the mood for a cute dose (and it is Friday) we’ll top the dog racing video we saw earlier with this video of twins rocking it to Hey Ya. That’s how we roll. Via Stuff, TheAwesomer

Nao robots do the Macarena [video]

Apparently, Nao robots love to learn new tricks, even when they have no freakin’ idea what they are doing. In the video, you can see the bots going all excited on the Latino dance. The dance routine algorithm for the robots was developed for a computer science course in the Center for Intelligent Technologies at …

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HRP-4C robot does a choreographed dance with humans

At the Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, the HRP-4C robot took to the stage along with four humans and performed a choreographed dance with the team. The dance routine is a result of a year long effort to teach the humanoid robot to dance, and it seems to have handled itself pretty well. Via: PinkTentacle