Sculptures made from crayons

Artist Diem Chau creates these creative sculptures from crayons. It’s a world where each crayon can be a miniature portrait for a person or animal. Via: Toxel

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Crayola Crayon Maker is a tiny toy crayon factory

This goes straight into the line of one of those products we swear we bought for the kids, but secretly use it ourselves. Crayola Crayon maker is a little laboratory that can create new crayons by melting worn crayons to create brand new crayons. When melting crayons in the tray, the safety-latch lid stays locked …

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Edible handmade crayons can color as well

This has to be a ginormous win… crayons that are edible, taste good, and may even be treated as a healthy snack. The edible crayons are made of nuts, vegetables, fruits, marshmellows, seeds and a few other things. All this is actually good food, making the “Health Bars” as their creator calls them. Also, these can color as well, making them all the more awesome. There’s an image gallery after the jump.

Via: Luxirare, Notcot

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