Instagram Camera Halloween Costume Shoots Images

If you’re going to get dressed up as a camera for Halloween, you might as well take some pictures while you’re at it. This Instagram-inpired costume of photographer Eric Micotto hides a Nikon D800 hidden inside the camera lens of the Instagram icon. An iPad in the back functions as the screen of the camera, showing off images captured.

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Well Of Course, It’s The Sexy Video Game Costumes

Yandy has been getting quite some attention these days with its range of “sexy” costumes. We’ve already seen a couple here and here, but wait, there is more. This time around, it’s the set of sexy “gamer costumes” that’s making the rounds. They have been given some new names, but the characters are mostly easily discernible. While it may not be much obvious, the “blue furry” is Sonic, and the “green dinosaur” is a touch up on Yoshi.

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Slutty Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween’s close and many people would be busy working on their costumes, but it would help to get the pets dressed up as well. Apparently it seems dressing dogs the slutty way is the flavor of the season. Well, or dressed like famous celebrities to be more accurate, although the dressing does seem to be a bit towards the far side. What dog wouldn’t like to dress up as Snooki, Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe, or Madonna, with big stuffed boobs to go along.

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Asimo Robot Costume

This Asimo robot costume lets humans play the part of the famed robot. You could walk, talk, perhaps even fall like the robot. Oh and the ladies… the ladies are going to love a man in the robot suit. Costs $512.

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This Dog Is A Tank [video]

We guess this dog loves being a tank, or not, but that looks cute. He can walk, he can roll, he can shoot, and he won the top prize at a dog costume contest. Via Craft, Neatorama

Be A Superhero This Halloween In An Iron Man Costume

In our opinion, going the DIY route is the best way for a Halloween costume, but many of us lack the skill or the time to actually make one, so buying a costume may be an option. As things stand these days, you just need to have intent to buy a product, and you’d find someone already is selling it. Or similarly, make a product and buyers will come. But I digress, coming back to Halloween, this costume finds its inspiration from the Iron Man 2 movie, and lets the wearer play the glamorous Tony Stark.

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Superhero Costumes of the Retro Age [pics]

Superheroes in modern movies wear shiny, seamless costumes that probably would not have gone with the style and aesthetics of the times gone by. These images show what superhero costumes were like in the ’60s and ’70s, a time where superheroes had their uniforms homemade, rather than going out shopping to find specially crafted materials.

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