Victorian Star Trek Uniforms

victorian star trek costumes

Cosplay artist Genovefa made Star Trek uniforms in a simple Victorian style. They’re dressed like Captain Janeway and Data, and should soon be on their way to the Steampunk USS Voyager.

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Toddler’s LED Halloween Costume is Super Spooky

Toddlers are inherently spooky. We don’t realize it because they usually mask the spooky in a covering of cute, but given the right setting, children have the talent to spook everyone out completely. Just take a look at this video. Well, to be honest it is also super adorable, and a perfect example of going from spooked to awww in about ten seconds. This rather impressive LED Stick Figure Halloween costume was created by photographer Royce Hutain for his 22 month old daughter Zoey.

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10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set

It would be best for the Doctor, like Barney Stinson to always be ready for when the opportunity presents itself. 10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set makes sure the time lord isn’t caught off guard at the wrong time, especially when looking fabulous is one of the key requirements of the job. Costs $40. via

Braid Your Long Locks Right For a Gimli Beard

Got long hair and want to dress up like Gimli? Well, here you go. Middle school English teacher Marcella made a sweet Gimli dwarf beard for herself, and put up a tutorial with instructions on how to do one for yourself. Via Tutorial, BoingBoing

Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit Costume

Halloween Parties this year won’t be complete without a dozen Walter Whites walking around. Then maybe more Breaking Bad references. Get your gear in order with this Hazmat Suit costume that includes yellow hazmat suit, hazmat mask, blue gloves, and of course, the goatee. Costs $50.

‘Adult’ Supergirl Corset

Since conventional female character costumes aren’t showy enough, you would want to spice things a bit; especially if you’re dressing up for a costume. The adult supergirl corset costume should add flavor to the usually bland supergirl style. Priced $31.98 to $154.34.