Star Trek TNG Replica Costumes

Get your cosplay right to the last detail with these Star Trek TNG costumes. ThinkGeek says the tunic has been made using original patterns sourced from CBS archives, so this is as authentic as it gets. Made from high quality gabardine cotton and polyester blends, the tunics are officially licensed replicas. You would get your cosplay right, but you will have to spend $230 on each piece. Probably worth it.

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The Pugs of Westeros

Lords and Ladies of Westeros can keep playing their little game all they want. When all is said and done, the houses will fall before their true lords, the Pugs of Westeros. It’s difficult not to swear fealty to these pugs; they look pretty good and very much comfortable with the part they play.

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This Cat is All Kinds of Superhero

Zhumao KeLe is a Chinese cat who has her humans dress her up in all kinds of superhero costumes. Based in Beijing, the kitty cosplays Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, amongst others, and if you piss her off you might just be on the business end of the Dracula Cat.

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Superb Toothless Cosplay From How To Train Your Dragon

Cosplays are generally cool, but this is totally amazing. That’s a Toothless costume which could be used for a live action movie for backup if DreamWorks should ever run out of money. Created by Monoyasha, the costume obviously has a lot of work put into it, to take the appearance of looking so pretty damn good.

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Batman Warrior Cosplay

We can call this dude Batman because there’s that bat symbol on the armor, but for the other parts, it’s all a mix. There’s a definite Samurai flavoring, and apparently there’s something from Fallout and Transformers as well. A good effect overall though.

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Family Doctor Who Cosplay

The Doctor Father, the Tardis mom and two very adorable Dalek girls who aren’t afraid to exterminate with plungers. Via Katsucon, Neatorama