Designer envisions a new, fugly Ferrari Enzo

We enjoy the beauty and finesse of designs, and the dreams they bring along. It’s a tough line to walk though, especially when you’re looking to redesign something as iconic as the Ferrari Enzo. The renderings you see here belong to designer Peter Simon‘s vision for the Ferrari Enzo. The renderings were intended to be dynamic with organic curves and great looks. I’d have probalby liked the renderings too, if they never talked about the Enzo. This just looks plain fugly when put besides a Ferrari Enzo.

Via: Peter Simon, YankoDesign, AutoMotto

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A dip into the future with the 2050 BMW M3 concept

The 2050 BMW M3 is an independent design study by Daniel Nikonchik; giving us a peek into what the world of automobiles may look like, 40 years from now. Interestingly, the concept maintains BMW’s kidney grille, and the futuristic tidbits are incorporated with nanotechnology, fiber optics, and of course, a clean and powerful propulsion system. Paint on the vehicle also incorporates millions of nano-sized cameras, allowing the driver to see through the body panels in all directions, even though the supercar conspicuously lacks and windows or glasses.

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Automobile inspired Shift Hybrid watch

Shift Hybrid watch concept makes no bones about its love for automobiles. Design cues in the watch have remarkable similarity to automobile components like disc brakes, speedometers, seat belts, and gear shifts. The material used itself can be sourced from what is commonly used in automobiles, like aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, rubber, and glass. …

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